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The Flux Coffee

Our Coffees are stylish low tables
that match the Flux Chair perfectly
(or any other chair for that matter).
They come in two sizes: big and small.

flux coffee


The flux coffee is a stylish low table that matches the flux chair perfectly, or any other chair for that matter.
Each table is made of weather proof polypropylene, fully customizable by embossing or printing and easy to light from within – which makes for a great presentation platform or booth table. It’s available in the sizes big and small, that both fold down to a super flat package. Perfect for your events or as an elegant lounge table in your garden or urban roof terrace.

Watch the video below to see how the coffee is folded!

Material: Weatherproof polypropylene

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flux bag 3


flux bag for Coffee table Small and Big (max 4 pieces)

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coffee from flux on Vimeo.