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Make it yours!

Our products are the perfect blank canvas for your brand. The fact that all products go flat gives us lots of customization options!

Screen printing

Simple logo’s and text can be screen printed. We use a special ink with very good adhesion to the polypropylene material of our furniture.

Screen printing is the most economical option when it comes to printing many products with the same simple print.


A unique way to customize our products is to emboss them with your logo. Embossing means that logo is engraved in the material on the inside of the product. This leaves a thin layer of material in the shape of the logo that is now semi translucent. The effect is spectacular when illuminated from the inside  with an LED unit (battery powered units are available). It is softly visible as a shadow when not illuminated.

Digital printing

The most versatile solution is digital printing. We print the products in production, this ensures the best result because at that stage the sheets are still perfectly flat. The used ink is specifically suited for the material, all products are first primered to ensure good adhesion to the material.


Stickering is a very flexible solution. A full color print can be contour cut to any shape. It allows re-branding the same product over and over again. The adhesion of the contour cut stickers is very good yet they are still removable with a little bit of effort.