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Innovative foldable event furniture

Easy to transport, easy to brand, easy to clean

The Flux Blox Presenter

The Presenter’s simple-but-sophisticated look puts your product front and centre.
When it’s time to pack up, it folds down in a snap and fits into any car boot..

Reduce and Reuse

In customary flux style, assembly is super-fast without the use of any tools. The units are scratch resistant and easy to clean, so no more repainting after every show. We’ve even added a big clip for ultimate flatness.

Make it yours

From stickers, screen printing, to a striking all-over-print or a subtle engraving,
your message will be the centre of attention.

Furniture the Flux Way

At Flux we create foldable furniture like no other. Combining unique design, great foldability and brandability.

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Save space!

When folded flat the volume of our furniture is reduced up to 97%.
The flat products are easy to stack and handle.

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